Are Curtains Safe In A Nursery?

Nursery decoration can be one of the most exciting moments for anyone welcoming a new baby. You may be wondering are curtains safe in a nursery?


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4/5/20225 min read

white wooden bed frame with white bed linen
white wooden bed frame with white bed linen

Are curtains safe in a nursery? It's a question many parents ask when decorating their baby's nursery. Nursery curtains can be both functional and decorative, adding color and style to the room, as well as providing much-needed privacy. However, it's important to take safety into account when considering adding curtains to your baby's nursery. In this blog post, we'll look at the dos and don'ts of adding curtains to your baby's nursery room.

Are curtains safe in a Nursery?

When it comes to nursery safety, you should consider every aspect of the room – including curtains. Curtains are an important part of any nursery design, providing a stylish finishing touch and much needed privacy. But, is it safe to hang curtains in your baby’s nursery?

The answer is yes – curtains are safe in the nursery, provided they are hung correctly and adhere to safety guidelines. Nursery curtains must be made from fire-retardant fabrics and hung high enough that your baby can’t reach them or pull them down. For extra safety, it’s also recommended that curtains come with child-proof tiebacks that can’t be pulled by little hands.

It’s also important to check for any signs of wear and tear regularly, as cords, frayed edges and loose strings on curtains can all be potential hazards. Taking the time to ensure your baby’s nursery curtains meet safety standards will ensure your little one is kept safe.

How to choose the right curtains for your nursery

When it comes to nursery safety, the right choice of curtains is essential. Choosing the right curtains for your nursery can provide a cozy and safe environment for your baby. Here are some tips on how to choose the right curtains for your nursery:

• Ensure the curtains you select meet safety standards. Look for curtains that are flame retardant and that do not contain chemicals or dyes that could be potentially toxic. You should also check the tags to make sure they are lead-free.

• Choose lightweight, breathable fabrics. Curtains should be made of light, airy fabrics such as cotton, linen, or muslin. Heavier fabrics such as velvet or faux fur should be avoided, as they may present a potential suffocation hazard.

• Opt for lighter colors. Brightly colored or patterned curtains may be attractive, but keep in mind that bright colors can be stimulating for a baby. Lighter colors can help create a calming atmosphere in the nursery.

• Make sure the curtains are easy to maintain. Look for curtains that are machine washable and can be easily hung up and taken down for cleaning. This will make it easier to keep the nursery looking neat and tidy.

These are just a few tips to help you select the right curtains for your nursery. Keeping these factors in mind will ensure you pick the perfect curtains for your baby's nursery and provide a safe and cozy environment for them.

The benefits of adding curtains to your nursery

Adding curtains to your baby's nursery can be an excellent way to help keep the room safe, comfortable, and stylish. When properly chosen and installed, curtains can bring a number of benefits to your nursery.

The first and most obvious benefit is the safety factor. Curtains provide a layer of protection for your baby in the nursery by blocking out harmful UV rays and reducing glare on your baby’s eyes. They also act as a barrier between the outside world and your nursery, helping to reduce noise levels, keep out drafts, and create a calming atmosphere.

When it comes to nursery safety, curtains are also an excellent way to protect your baby from possible fire hazards. They can provide a flame-retardant layer between your furniture and any potential flames, ensuring that any fire that may start in the nursery is contained quickly and safely.

Curtains are also great for providing privacy and a sense of security in the nursery. The right curtains can help to create a cozy, comfortable environment that is conducive to restful sleep. Finally, adding curtains to your nursery is an easy way to give it a touch of style and personalize it according to your taste.

The dos and don'ts of adding curtains to your baby's nursery

When it comes to nursery safety, you must ensure that you are following the right precautions when it comes to adding curtains to your baby's nursery. Here are some tips to help make sure your nursery curtains are safe and secure:

• Do use the correct safety measures. Make sure that all curtains are hung high enough so that your baby cannot reach them, and that they are securely attached to the window or wall.

• Do opt for a fire-resistant fabric. This will provide an extra layer of protection in the event of a fire.

• Don’t hang curtains too close to the crib or any other furniture in the nursery. This could create a potential hazard if your baby were to become entangled in the curtains.

• Don’t leave long cords on the curtains. Again, this could be a hazard if your baby were to become tangled in the cord. If possible, tie up the cords or replace them with shorter ones that are out of reach.

• Don’t forget to install safety devices like window guards, blind stops, and curtain tie backs. These can help prevent any unfortunate accidents with your baby getting entangled in the curtains.

• Don’t choose sheer curtains. These can allow light into the room which can cause disturbances during nap times. Opt for thick blackout drapes instead.

By taking these safety measures into consideration, you can rest assured that your baby’s nursery is both safe and comfortable.

Is it recommended to install blackout drapes in the nursery?

When it comes to nursery safety, one of the most important considerations is blackout drapes. Installing blackout drapes in the nursery can help protect your baby from the dangers of excessive light and noise while they sleep. Blackout drapes are specifically designed to block out sunlight, allowing your baby to have a peaceful, uninterrupted sleep. It’s also important to make sure that you select curtains that are made with flame-retardant material, as this will help ensure the safety of your baby’s environment.

When choosing blackout drapes for your nursery, make sure to look for curtains that are specifically designed for nursery use. You should also look for curtains that are thick enough to effectively block out light and noise, yet lightweight enough to prevent potential accidents or injuries. Additionally, be sure to choose curtains that have a smooth texture and do not fray easily. This will help ensure your baby’s safety by eliminating any risk of choking hazards.

In addition to providing a peaceful environment for your baby, installing blackout drapes in the nursery can also be beneficial for you as a parent. With blackout curtains installed, you will have more control over the amount of light entering the room. This can be especially helpful if you need to keep your baby asleep during daytime hours, as well as if you want to promote an atmosphere of restfulness in the nursery at night.

Overall, installing blackout drapes in the nursery is highly recommended for those looking to promote a safe sleeping environment for their baby. By selecting curtains specifically designed for nursery use and ensuring that they are flame-retardant, you can rest easy knowing that you are creating a safe and peaceful space for your baby to sleep.


It’s important to consider the safety of your baby when deciding whether or not to install curtains in their nursery. Taking the right precautions can ensure that your baby has a safe, comfortable and inviting space in which they can rest and grow. Curtains can add a lot of character to a nursery and can help to regulate temperature and light levels. However, it is essential to research the dos and don’ts of installing curtains in a nursery before making any decisions. If you need more advice on nursery safety, be sure to check out all of our nursery-topic blogs for more detailed information.