Are Custom Cabinets More Expensive?

There are several things to ponder when planning a kitchen remodeling, but from where to start? You might be wondering are custom cabinets more expensive?


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4/5/20224 min read

white wooden framed glass window
white wooden framed glass window

There are several things to ponder when planning a kitchen remodeling, but from where to start.

A great place to start while choosing the type of cabinets is to fit your needs and budget. There are plenty of choices like stock, semi-custom, and custom cabinets.

Stock cabinets are available in predefined sizes and colors. In contrast, On the other hand, semi- and full custom cabinets adjust to your space. Moreover, remember the fact that custom cabinets can be more expensive; they allow a unique design that maximizes your kitchen space and fits your lifestyle needs.

Moreover, while building a house or renovating a place, many people have different queries, including the one that are custom cabinets more expensive?

The simple answer to this question is Yes.

They can be pretty expensive if we compare them to the ready-made ones, but they also come with many benefits.

If your preference is a modern, trendy, and spacious item, go for it. And this is the reason why many people prefer customizing the cabinets to their liking.

Building your house with some creativity attaches your sentiments to it and gives off a homey vibe. The same is the case with cabinets; it reflects your style, personality, and space requirement.

Why having custom cabinets a good idea?

Before going into Custom Cabinets’ details and to answer this query, are custom cabinets more expensive? Let’s explore the other ones too.

What are Stock Cabinets?

Stock cabinets come in two forms, i.e., pre-assembled and ready to assemble (RTA). Stock cabinets come in predefined sizes, and unluckily it doesn’t suit every kitchen size. It results in unnecessarily massive cabinet space, false drawer space, fillers, etc. Along with it comes spacious wood panels that cover areas between your cabinet and the wall.

A misconception!

Predefined stock cabinets may have a more straightforward installation process and cater to a hassle-free process. But to be honest, it is a much lengthier process than many other homeowners anticipate. So, a pre-assembled stock cabinet setup is a recommended choice over others if you are concerned about budget and speed.

One more fact!

In general, stock cabinets are less durable than custom-made cabinet space. So, while stock cabinets are one of the least expensive options, they don’t hold up to the daily usage and damages the kitchen faces.

What are Semi-Custom Cabinets?

Semi-custom cabinets are comprised of some custom pieces. It allows you to pick the best-sized cabinets for your space, encouraging some personal preferences and enhancing an existing kitchen layout to play a vital role.

What is so unique about these Semi-custom cabinets?

These are pre-built pieces with customization options, including some detailing, quality of wood, its type, color, dimension, and drawer size.

Similarly, these cabinets are created by altering the regular dimensions of a stock cabinet, which can slightly fit your space.

It also offers a broad spectrum of styles, colors, finishes, and storage solutions for a kitchen remodel.

A Point to Remember!

Semi-custom cabinets are slightly pricier than stock cabinets, but it still makes a good choice; Moreover, if you need some alteration while remaining budget-conscious.

What are Full Custom Cabinets?

Full custom cabinets are all you need. It is what you want for your kitchen remodel. There are some exotic brands that offer a wide range of endless options like wood types, finish, size, dimension, and a variety of space-saving plus minimalistic ideas. If you want cabinets that blend seamlessly with furniture styles, then custom cabinets are the way to go.

A misconception!

There’s a misconception made around Custom cabinets being reputed as a luxury that only rich people can afford. But it’s simply not true.

People assume that Custom cabinets are those having some special drawers designed to cater the expensive knives or a trendy-designed cabinet shelf. But in actuality, it’s not the case.

Custom cabinets are simply those large-sized cabinets that are designed specifically for the space you have in mind. It is built, measured, and created for your desired space.

It will always look more appropriate and function more efficiently than any other kinds of cabinets.

Custom cabinets are carefully built by our expert carpenters who keenly measure your space and go over the exact needs and specifications.

Why should you go for full custom cabinets?

Suppose you are looking for a unique space and specialized storage area in a limited kitchen area; what would you go for?

  • Try having a smaller space or a uniquely designed floor plan, where every space and inch counts. And here Custom cabinets come into action.

  • It maximizes your storage while making the kitchen feel more spacious and wide.

  • Similarly, it is most durable and would hold up longer than any other alternative.

  • If you can sideline some budget for cabinet-making, go for the full-custom cabinets’ option only.

Are custom cabinets more expensive? Reason

It’s true that Stock cabinets are almost about seven times cheaper than Custom cabinets. Semi-custom cabinets usually lie between the two. But let me explain that there are some notable reasons why there is such a difference between the price of custom cabinets and other alternatives.

  • Custom cabinets are made with a more high-quality and fine material such as hickory or maple wood than others. Most of them are made out of imported exotic wood, which is quite expensive.

  • Custom cabinets are not produced in large quantities; that’s why they are quite pricey. Production cast and material purchasing need to be adjusted.

  • Making Custom cabinets are more difficult to produce because the same cabinet has never been made designed before. Every piece is uniquely designed. So, it can take a lot more time and labor to create, which also boosts the price.

Final Words

After all the discussion, are custom cabinets more expensive or not; what’s the best part.It’s true that full custom cabinets are way more expensive than normal cabinets. But the truth is that upgrading to custom cabinets for your personal space or business in the kitchen, bathroom, or anywhere else you need cabinets will cost much less than you expect.So, if budget is not a concern for you, then go for custom cabinets for sure. It is tailored designed according to your specific needs and preferences. And moreover, if the budget doesn’t allow stock cabinets are your option to go.