Does Furniture Make A Room Warmer

A warm and cozy place to sit back and relax is indispensable especially when the temperature is unforgivingly cold. You might be gathering all those strategies in your head to make your room or house warmer.


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7/9/20213 min read

pillows on bed
pillows on bed

A warm and cozy place to sit back and relax is indispensable especially when the temperature is unforgivingly cold. You might be gathering all those strategies in your head to make your room or house warmer. Turning on the heat is most probably the first thing that comes to your mind.

Now we’re not gonna say that you can ditch your heating system because honestly no amount of tricks and strategies can suffice when it’s freezing cold. However, there are certain things you can do to make your room cozier besides turning up the thermostat.

The first thing that’s going to help is already present in your home. Furniture, yes it helps and we are going to mainly discuss the wonders a sufficiently furnished room can do.

So we’d suggest you to fill up your room with furniture because an empty room will only make the winters more difficult for you. Furniture can help you cut down the use of your heating system as well.

Does that mean furniture can make a room warmer?

Yes, somehow furniture can help you achieve the cozy room you want. It is not exactly the furniture that makes a room warm but the presence of anything that can absorb heat and therefore, allows the heat to remain insulated within a room.

When a room is filled with people it gets hot because the body of each individual produces heat. But furniture being a non-living object is not capable of producing heat itself. So how does it help then?

How Can Furniture Make A Room Warmer?

Empty rooms are relatively colder because heat is rapidly lost in the surrounding air. On the other hand, when a room is filled with furniture, curtains or carpets a lot of heat is stored in these things.

The furniture radiates the heat back into the air and helps to keep the room warm for a longer time. While furniture is not capable of producing heat itself, it is a great way to store and re-radiate most of the heat into the room.

And so the temperature of a well-furnished room remains more constant as compared to that of an empty room.

Does Carpet Affect Room Temperature?

Carpet or rugs act as insulators in a room. Bare flooring can cause up to 10% loss of heat. Therefore, carpets definitely help to keep a warmer room temperature by providing insulation and reducing heat loss from the floor.

Does Furniture Absorb Heat?

Yes furniture absorbs and retains a lot of heat. But that doesn’t mean that it will not allow your room to get warmer. You can use this absorption of heat for your benefit.

Heat always moves from a region of higher temperature to lower temperature. When you turn off your heating system, the air starts turning cooler and the furniture starts to radiate the heat it absorbed earlier.

You will notice that your room will not turn cold immediately if it is sufficiently furnished. Your room will stay warm for a longer time which will also help you reduce the usage of your heating system.

How Can I Make My Room Warmer?

There are things that affect the temperature of your room or even your house, overall. We are often unaware of the things that are keeping our rooms from staying warm for a longer time.


When the sun is out, take the most advantage out of it. Open up the blinds as well as the curtains and let the sunlight brighten up your home. Sun rays will surely make the house warmer and also allow radiation of absorbed heat at night.

Window frames

The biggest culprit behind a cold room is usually cracked frames of windows. Even the tiniest crack will welcome a lot of chilly winds into your room so the first thing you should do is check for cracks in all the windows of your home. Check for holes and cracks with the help of a flashlight and seal them properly.

Introduce rugs and heavy curtains

Carpets, rugs, and curtains provide a lot of insulation for heat. They will help reduce the loss of heat. Besides that, thick curtains will also minimize the amount of cold air entering the room. And therefore, they will help keep the room a lot warmer.

Bring that ceiling fan to use

Using a ceiling fan in winters may sound odd to most of you. But what you don’t know is that the spinning of a fan in a clockwise direction brings down a lot of warm air into the room. You can switch the direction of the spin by a button present somewhere around the blades. And there you go … lots of warm air circulating around the room.

Final Thoughts

For sure you need well-lit fireplaces or a central heating system to cope up with the merciless cold. However, these few tricks will help you achieve a cozy look and feel. Some heat insulation and radiation as well. Placing your furniture strategically will also help.

So go ahead and add those rugs, curtains, and carpets to your place. Not only will they help with heat insulation but also give you a chance to decorate your home