What Color Carpet Goes With Red Walls?

So, you have repainted your walls to red color or you might have moved to a new place that has red color walls and you are looking to add some great matching color carpet to your room. Well, there is a long list of color combinations that can go with red.

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12/10/20214 min read

four orange, green, blue, and red paint rollers
four orange, green, blue, and red paint rollers

So, you have repainted your walls to red color or you might have moved to a new place that has red color walls and you are looking to add some great matching color carpet to your room. Well, there is a long list of color combinations that can go with red.

Not only the carpet can be of matching combination but you can also add some furniture that will enhance the look of your room.

Let's talk about some ideas that can contrast with red walls.

Carpet Color That Matches with Red Walls:

Red Walls with Red Carpet:

You can try to go with a red rug or carpet in the center of your room, as you can see in the picture. It will be a great addition to your room. To glow up this combination you can also place a table to the center of the room, this can be of white color just to dim down some darker vibes of red color.

In contrast, you can also try going with one white color wall. Additionally, if you have windows in your room then adding some red or orange curtains will bring life to your room. Now, this is a darker combination so dont forget to finish it up with some white furniture.

One last thing, on the red wall you can put some art or paintings to cover up some area of red walls. In case if you are not an art lover then alternatively you can put a LED TV on your wall, this can work out pretty well.

Red Walls with Green Carpet:

Now, here is another idea for the red wall. This one is different from previous ones and will add a natural look to your room. With the darker red tone of your walls, adding up some green colors can be a great idea. So, to fulfill this idea why not add some green live plants to your room. As we are going for some greens, we can roll out a green color carpet on floor to make things even much more natural.

This is a perfect idea. Like we added some art in the previous idea, this one can also go with adding up a few arts on red walls just to bring life. As you can see the red is making your room a bit darker, to make this darkness go away we have come up with the idea of adding some lamps on your wall.

Now, you have an option of placing darker brown color furniture. This can be a chair, a side table, and some couches. All of these things will make up your room lively.

This idea is basically for those who love nature as we have some lively green colors and some darker brown. So, if you are a nature lover then go with this one.

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Red Walls with White Carpet:

Here is another idea for the ones who like bold colors. Red walls can be pretty hard to decorate, these darker tones can be dimmed with the same idea as we discussed previously. So, this time we are trying to add a collection of different artworks. Go with different sizes of frames and colors mainly the black ones.

We are finished up with the walls, now lets work on furniture. This time we are going with the combination of white, blue, and black colors. In this theme, we have a red wall and a white wall in contrast. For furniture, we are using a chair of white color and a table if you would like. These white chairs would go with blue cushions or with black whichever you like more.

As in addition, a white carpet fits the best combination in this theme. The carpet can be of a single color or it can be in a combination of colors such as orange and white.

The list of ideas goes on and on. The best thing that goes with red walls is carpet, it can be covering your full room or just even the center of your room. You can find a wide variety of carpets with lots of colors and various patterns.

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Furniture and Other Decorations:

There are lots of options in furniture that you can choose from. It can either be couches, tables, lamps, art, chairs, etc.

So, lets just talk about some furniture colors that would go with red walls.

Beige and Orange with Lighter Brown:

We have a theme that would create a comfortable and soothing environment in your room. We are pairing up this combination with some natural shades of orange. The main color scheme is Orange and Beige. In this theme, you have an option of pairing up these colors with some lighter brown shades.

If you have red walls in your bedroom then wooden furniture would go best with this theme as it will be lighter brown shades.

What to put on Wall?

There is a huge amount of things that can be put on the wall to pop up some lively vibes. It totally depends on your interests. The most common decoration for walls is some art of your choice, it can be one large frame or a number of small frames to create an art wall.

Some other decors are listed below:

  • You can hang mirrors

  • Put on some lamps

  • Install some shelves or racks

  • Hang decors of your interest such as guitar

  • Showcase some fabrics

  • Paint a mural or pattern

  • Can hang some plants or pots

  • Put some removable art stickers


In the end, it all depends on your choices and interests. You can either try one of our ideas or you can choose to pick things from each idea and combine to come up with your own idea. When it comes to colors the choices are unlimited as we have tons of shades in the world of colors.