What Color Chairs Go With A Black Table? – Top 3 Best Colors

Black tables at your home play the role of a little black dress in your interior design. They can go easily with any kind of décor and style; also they look timeless and elegant. You might be wondering what color chairs go with a black table?


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4/20/20224 min read

black wooden dining set
black wooden dining set

Black tables at your home play the role of a little black dress in your interior design. They can go easily with any kind of décor and style; also they look timeless and elegant. Every black table has its own properties which permit it to look adorable in several ways.

Black isn’t the favorite of everyone to some it gives a feeling of overwhelming, a little gothic or cold. But if you have a little awareness of palettes and tones, with some good lighting, black furniture will provide a sophisticated and stylish ambiance to your space.

We did very good research on what color chairs will go best with your black table. Stay with us and read the article to grow your knowledge.

Chair colors that go with Black Table:

When you pair dark pieces with neutral walls and soft furnishing it will deliver a stylish and modern look to your living room. If you have a small or medium-sized room in your house, you can create a good impression with neutral tones and natural materials.

Underneath are some chair colors that’ll match and blend into your black table.


White and black are opposite to each other and they create a perfect combination. White chairs can be paired with a black table. The light and dark shades create a relaxing atmosphere.

To go with a black and white furniture combination for the dining area, most people desire wood flooring. Wood floors will add warmth and a comfortable environment to the sitting area.

If you want to get an elegant look with your table in your dining room, go for some neutral shades. In that case, you can add a small rug or mat.

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It’s possible to pair your black table with a black chair. The idea might look unclear but once it’s teamed with the correct shade, you’ll be surprised.A black wooden table may not offer you many options but you may get possibilities with black chairs.

A black chair with leather seats and the frame of legs will stand out perfectly with your black furniture and will produce a sophisticated look.

To create a good atmosphere for your black table and chairs, you can work on the elements of your surroundings. Gray is a neutral color; gray walls with white décor pieces will add a modern and classic feeling to your black furniture.


Brown and black behave like two opposite sides of a coin. Black is a bold color, while brown sometimes looks boring or beautiful, depending on one’s choice. It’s difficult to decide which one is your favorite, both have their own place.

We use black and brown frequently in our homes. Pairing your black table with brown chairs may seem odd but after being paired it’ll deliver a warm and soft look to your black table. If you want your table to create a dramatic look, pair chocolate or dark brown chairs with it.

A black table with dark brown chairs may increase the darkness in your room or make it feel smaller. To solve this problem you can fill your room with neutral shades which help in balancing the darkness of your room.

How to choose chairs for your dining table?

Matching your chair colors with your table will not complete the work. Your chairs must outfit the table style and scale. We’ve got some tips which will help you in choosing the correct chairs for your dining table.


To get comfortable, the gauge of your dining table and chairs must be well-matched.

When you measure a dining table from top to bottom, you’ll find most of them in a range of 28-31 inches. The most common ones are 30 inches. While the range of chairs from the top of the seat to the floor is about 17-20 inches. So the distance between the top of the table and the seat is around 8-14 inches. Average people find the distance of 10-12 inches the most relaxed.

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Everyone wants a comfortable place while eating. To find a comfortable height of chairs for your dining table, test a table with different chairs.

Take a tiny measurement tape with you in your pocket or purse. Visit a furniture store having a lot of kitchen and dining sets at their front. Test all of them and when you find the one that fits your comfort, note the distance.

In the case of upholstered chairs, you have to measure them twice. As upholstered seats compress when you sit on them. Measure the length of the chair when it’s empty from the seat top to the floor, then sit on it and have someone else measure it again. You’ll find a little difference, which you can adjust while making a chair for your table as per your comfort level.


While working on your comfort, you should have also in mind that the pieces must look good with each other. They should have a good style.

Going for chairs and tables with common home décor ideas will ensure that they look good together. The common elements may be the period, the undertone, or the formality level. If you want to work with your thoughts and ideas, don’t choose tables and chairs with all the matching elements, or you may buy a complete set.

Wood dining chairs are the perfect match for your dining table but only if they are surrounded by other wood furnishings. You can go with armed or unarmed or upholstered chairs, depending on how formal you wish to go.

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Black is considered mostly a favorite color of individuals. It creates a modern and stylish look. If you have a black table in your dining area, you are lucky. Pairing chairs with a black table isn’t a big deal. Black, brown, and white go well with the black table.

Pairing the comfort of the chairs is also important. The distance from the tabletop to the floor ranges from 28-to 31 inches, while the common ones are of 30 inches. As the distance from the seat top to the floor is 17-20 inches.

The difference between the distances from seat to table-top is around 8-14 inches. Average people prefer space of 10-12 inches, the most comfortable and relaxing.