What Color Kitchen Table With Cherry Cabinets?

Choosing a kitchen table is a thrilling experience. They come in a wide range of shapes and colors, much like dining cabinets. You might be wondering what color kitchen table with cherry cabinets?


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12/12/20214 min read

ceramic dish on shelf
ceramic dish on shelf

Choosing a kitchen table is a thrilling experience. The Kitchen tables are more casual than dining room tables. It comes in a wide range of shapes and colors, much like dining cabinets. As a result, a precise match isn’t required. However, when putting together a kitchen with a cherry wood cabinet, you want the general design, weight, and colors to complement one other.

When choosing materials for interiors and appliances, consider the uniformity and elegance of color combinations and contrasts to prevent mismatching.

Wood, for example, is the most chosen material above others and can be used for everything from living room furniture to kitchen interior design. Furthermore, it is not only beautiful but also environmentally friendly. No doubt, this black table will complement your cherry cabinets perfectly and is one of the best options out there.

When it comes to wood cabinets, ‘Cherry Cabinets’ are among the most popular. Because of its unique properties and appealing tone, this wood has been valued for generations. It is, nonetheless, the most pleasing design and is well-known for its durability. In addition, because it is less expensive than other woods, it is more popular and can be obtained almost anywhere.

Since this wood is light sensitive and darkens with age, its beauty grows with time. This astonishing progression of color contributes significantly to their uniqueness. In addition, it appears to be adaptable, with the potential to be employed in a wide range of design concepts.

However, outfitting the entire kitchen with cherry cabinets would be difficult. As a result, one must take all required steps to design a flawless kitchen. It adds a touch of your individuality to your kitchen when you design it yourself without hiring help.

And there’s nothing better than having a room in your home that you designed yourself using accurate interior design knowledge. You won’t be able to get enough of your space if the task is done properly.

So, let’s get started with the cherry cabinet color guide.

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Painting the Kitchen Table:

It’s also a good idea to paint the kitchen table and chairs in contrasting colors. For example, Aqua tables with white, apple green, or multicolored chairs might look fantastic, but this is a personal preference.

Various fabric types in the kitchen, such as the curtains on the windows, may inspire wonderful interior design ideas. It helps the area feel brighter and more complete without feeling matched or having a single color theme.

There are varieties of methods to paint the table; start by taping off a simple design. One should try the modern centennial clusters or crisp marine stripes and alternate between the two and more colors. Or the untraced look of medley tiles or a Talavera sample on the top of the table.

It’s time to paint the table once you’ve settled on your colors and they’ve been proven to be appealing. It is necessary to sand it using standard gravel sandpaper, as the minute power sander will accomplish the job fast and save time and effort. There’s no need to be concerned about removing all colors because the primer will provide a smooth surface on which paint may attach easily and uniformly afterward.

It is important to apply two priming coats. After allowing it to dry, sand it with a medium-grit block and wash it down until the surface is smooth and free of imperfections.

Finally, apply the base paint twice more. If desired, when it has dried fully, one can add the desired design. Finally, an inert, stain-free polyurethane can be used to seal it.

The second alternative is chalk paint, which generally leaves the woods with a weather-resistant matte finish and might come in handy if the first option fails or is difficult to apply. There is no other chalk paint better than this one.

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Which Color Table goes Well With Cherry Cabinets?


Cherry cabinets work nicely with soothing greens and blues. Dark cherry wood contrasts nicely with light green and brighter hues of green or blue work well with light cherry. Tables in different or matching colors can be used in kitchens with cherry cabinets.

Green is the opposite color for red on the color wheel; contrasting color tables come under the green, green-blue group. As a result, it’s a great match for cherry cabinets. On the other hand, if green color isn’t your thing, dark cherry cabinets go well with subtle blues, while lighter cherry cabinets go best with stronger blues and blue greys.


Cherry cabinets with beautiful red hues contrast well with gold tables. If gold is not your color, black granite with mixed grains such as red, gold, and brown speckles running over the granite is a great alternative.


Warm neutrals like creamy and beige compliment the warmth of the dark chocolate cabinets if your cherry cabinets are more of a dark brown tint. In the kitchen, it produces a warm and rustic environment.


With cherry cabinets, a black kitchen table looks great. However, when you can’t decide on a single shade, black comes to the rescue. Black color has huge flexibility, and we can contrast black with a wide range of colors to give a decent and elegant look.

Since cherry cabinets are rich and warm-colored, a cherry kitchen table will be too much, so avoid matching wood tables. As previously said, bright green hues bring out the cherry cabinetry.

You may have a glass table with a green base painted in any color you choose, or you can have a black table with cream cushions. Also, if you’re a big fan of wood kitchen tables, you may have them stained a couple of shades lighter than your cherry cabinets.