Are Inset Cabinets More Expensive

If you have come across this article, then you must be thinking of changing the look of your house by installing modern inset cabinets, right?


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7/22/20214 min read

white wooden sideboard
white wooden sideboard

If you have come across this article, then you must be thinking of changing the look of your house by installing modern inset cabinets, right?It doesn’t matter how you have styled your home, inset cabinets add to its beauty in every way. They give your home a modern and upgraded look by adding character, function, and value to it. But before coming to a final decision, read and learn about it more thoroughly, and if there is room, you can still go for some other cabinet style. Because if you have come this far, you must know that the beautiful aura these cabinets give to your house, comes with a price, making them expensive than other cabinet styles.

What are Inset Cabinets?

If you want to know what inset cabinets are, note that they have doors and drawers “inset” into the cabinet frame, making them leveled. Although, the cabinet frame is visible, and there is just a little gap between the cabinet frame and the door, resulting in clean lines.

This kind of styled cabinet will quickly make your kitchen more sophisticated. While big-box retailers must have them, you can also have customized woodwork or kitchen remodeling options in such stores.

What Do Inset Cabinets Look Like?

Inset cabinet doors, irrespective of the period in which your house was designed, give your home a sense of unique artistry and history. Because they fit so perfectly, giving the feel of being tailored and looks distinct in the area you are living in, due to its unique style.

On running the fingers over these cabinets’ surface, you won’t perceive any difference between the frame and its door and the little space present at its edges. It feels like one whole thing without giving the feeling that the cabinet and doors are apart.

And this is where inset cabinets differ from full overlay cabinets, as in those the door is resting on the exterior of the cabinet box. They both can be distinguished easily because of their different appearance and function.

Are Inset Cabinets More Expensive?

Mostly, people like inset cabinets because of the fine and clean look it gives to the kitchen. A neat sleek design makes the kitchen look beautiful and ethereal. They are made with special artistry and often designed with beads and other embellishments. Even if you don’t decorate your cabinet door with any beads, etc., it still takes some professional woodworkers to build them.

And with all of the elegance it gives to your house, and its other qualities, there is a price for it. And that price for its built and fixation is higher than what you usually pay for overlay and other cabinet styles. You must have seen it coming, because everything that has so many great benefits, always costs you more.

This inset cabinet style has actually come from English households. They keep their interiors poised and sleek which gives them an elegant look. And if you go for these styles, it will cost you 20-30% more than you usually get to pay for overlay cabinets. It is because of two reasons, firstly, it requires comparatively more technical work, and secondly, it is not still common in your area. Now, you have the answer that, yes! Inset cabinets are actually more expensive than overlay cabinets.

What are other kinds of cabinets?

You will hear the name of the overlay cabinet; every time inset cabinets are being talked about. They both are always being compared. Overlay cabinets are a bit different from inset cabinets, as their door doesn’t fit in the frame instead it covers the cabinet from outside. Overlay cabinets also have two kinds.

Full Overlay Cabinets

Full Overlay Doors have almost the same outlook as inset doors but are less expensive. They totally enclose the cabinet’s front, resulting in the flattened cabinet front that inset cabinets are known for. Full overlay cabinets have the most space with plenty of capacity for items like kitchen utensils because they are not fixed inside the cabinet structure.

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Partial Overlay Cabinets

Cabinets that are only partially overlayed are the most popular and least priced kitchen choice. The door lies on the cabinet front, providing a “gap” between its doors so that the cabinet’s front structure will be on display. There is no need for hardware with these kitchen cabinets because there is a one-finger space on the edges to open the cabinet.

What is the Difference between Inset and Overlay Cabinets?

Inset Cabinets

  • Doors of the inset cabinets are set into the frame when you close them.

  • The door and cabinet look one when closed.

  • Doesn’t have ample space inside to store big-sized crockery or electronics.

  • Expansion of wood in the rainy season can end up rubbing between the door and frame.

  • Gives a fine modern look to the kitchen.

  • They are made artistically and require special skills in their installation.

  • It costs 20-30% more than overlay cabinets.

Overlay Cabinets

  • Doors of the overlay cabinets cover the frame from outside its frame when you close it.

  • The door gives a separate look from the cabinet.

  • It does have enough space to keep big-sized stuff.

  • There is no chance of any such thing happening in overlay cabinets because the door and cabinet are separated.

  • This style for cabinets is going on for ages.

  • They can be installed by a regular carpenter and no special skills are required for it.

  • It costs less than inset cabinets.

So, Are Inset Cabinets Worth the Cost?

Hinges are usually visible, although they can also be covered. I adore the look of inset cabinetry, I mean who doesn’t, and much of it is due to my admiration for the skill that is needed for making them. And when it comes to crafting, it requires some effort and time, which means there’s a price to pay. The inset option costs about 15-30% more than the standard version.

As a result, the question arises how much do these inset cabinets cost? Cabinets that are built into the wall Inset, or flush, cabinets are priced similarly to other cabinets you get semi or fully customized. semi-custom, the cost ranging from $150 to $1,200 per linear foot. Flush mounts will set you back roughly 20% more than a traditional overlay design cabinet made with the same standard of components.